HRV Ventilation in Southwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities and Surrounding areas

As the coldest time of the year is approaching, your heating system is working and your doors and windows are tightly closed. Your main concern is keeping cold air out, so your home will be comfortable and warm. While this is your main priority, HRV Ventilation is also important.

You may not be familiar with a Heat Recovery Ventilator, but there are many benefits. Although you want the air in your house to be warm, you do not want the air to be stale and unhealthy. The more airtight your house is, the more at risk you are of breathing unhealthy air.

Airtight homes contain pollutants and moisture. In addition to the health hazards of pollutants, moisture can create many problems. When there is too much moisture in your house, it can increase the risk of dust mites, mildew, bacteria, and mold. You may have unhealthy substances in your home that you cannot see. Even if you keep your house spotlessly clean, your family can develop serious health issues if you do not have HRV Ventilation.

If you are thinking that keeping a window open is a sensible way to improve the air quality inside your house, this approach is definitely a mistake. While an open window will not completely resolve the problem, you do not need drafts in your home. Opening windows will also bring cold air in, and cause your heating bills to increase. HRV Ventilation is a smarter solution. As our team of professionals are experienced with all types of heating and ventilation systems, you can start by calling Heating and Cooling Consultants at (952)461-5100. Instead of choosing between cold air and stale air, you can have a ventilator that leaves your indoor air clean and healthy. It is the smart choice for the winter months.

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