Heat Pumps Utilize Electricity More Efficiently

A heat pump is a versatile device designed to provide either heating or cooling for home or building interiors.  A heat pump operates by absorbing thermal energy from one area and then moving it through use of a refrigerant to another area.  This is essentially the same process used by freezers, but done in reverse.  Heat is absorbed from the ground or from outside air.  It is then sent to the interior of a home or building during cold weather to warm the occupants.

Energy Efficiency of a Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are popular because they are much more efficient in the way they use electricity to generate heat than regular heaters using electric resistance.  This reduction in energy consumption translated into lower utility bills and reduced costs.  It also leaves a much smaller environmental footprint.

When purchasing a heat pump, look for the Energy Star logo indicating units that have passed strict efficiency and environmental standards.  Even among the different heat pump units available,  some have much higher efficiency ratings than others do.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Once installed, have your unit inspected by HVAC technicians once or twice annually to service and maintain it in top operating condition.  Small problems can be repaired quickly and head off the need for major repairs later.

When your unit does fail, you naturally want repairs to be made as soon as possible, especially in winter time.  Our professional technicians at Heating and Cooling Consultants offer 24 hour emergency services and we are committed to keeping your home or office comfortable.  They will get your heat pump repaired and running smoothly as quickly as possible with a minimum of inconvenience.

Improving Your Bottom Line

We have an outstanding reputation in Webster, Minnesota and the surrounding area for educating people on the heating systems, including heat pumps, available to them.  If you are ready for replacing your existing system and want to learn about your various options, call us today at (952)-461-5100 to schedule an in home consultation on your new energy efficient options.