Get Springtime Comfort for your family with these 3 easy tips

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Springtime means more time with your kids and more time spent outdoors after a cold winter. It’s going to be important to be able to escape indoors to cool off and get refreshed together after a long day of watching a baseball game or attending a BBQ. You want to know your kids can calm down and get hydrated inside after spending time in the sun. Equally, you and your spouse will want some peace and quiet after an exciting time outside. These tips from Heating & Cooling Consultants are simple but make striking differences in the quality of comfort at home. Try them out and see how your family enjoys the comforts of home.

  • Hide away all the heavy winter blankets and comforters. Once winter’s over and the temperature is on the rise, kids can get cranky when they overheat from playing outside. When they are inside making blanket forts, everyone will be happier if they aren’t roasting under the wool you got out for December. Spring is a time for cleanliness and refreshment so launder and fold up these heavier items and put them in the linen closet for next year. Get the kids involved in making their beds in new springtime sheets.
  • Make sure your HVAC system is ready to cool your home. You’ve been using it all winter to keep the house warm, now it’s time to make sure you can stay cool and relax when you need a break from the outdoors. Additionally, up the air quality in your home so you and your kids won’t get down from seasonal allergies. Test your AC out to make sure it works. Make sure you change your air filters each month to cut down on pollens tracked in from outside making their way into your HVAC system. Have a technician out for seasonal maintenance or air conditioning installation in Webster, MN.

air conditioning installation in Webster, MN

  • Use the sunshine to your advantage. A peek of natural light into the home will create a welcoming and happy environment for the kids to play inside while you and your spouse relax together. Get the right amount of light while keeping out too much warmth. Use morning times to let in some light while everyone enjoys breakfast together. During midday times when the sun is at its hottest, pull curtains or blinds to mostly shield out light that will add too much heat. In the evening as the sun sets, open blinds and draperies to let everyone bask in the beautiful glow. Sharing time at the dinner table with a sunset is a great way to connect with your family.

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