Furnace Repair Service New Prague MN

If you are considering a replacement heating and cooling system for your home or are looking into your options for new construction, Heating & Cooling Consultants is your source for help in making the best decision for your budget and your needs. We are the source for comfort system design and installation as well as the furnace repair service New Prague Minnesota has come to rely on for superior service at affordable prices.

Our commitment is to your complete satisfaction. We are thoroughly licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Our technicians stay up to date on all the latest comfort system developments and can easily incorporate the latest technology to improve the efficiency of existing heating and cooling systems.

Nothing is more cost effective and efficient, though, than modern systems. In fact, anything more than 10 years old can provide unreliable cooling and heating and have higher maintenance and operating costs over the life of the system.

When considering new or replacement systems, there are many elements to take into account to in determining the right system for you. This is where we at Heating & Cooling Consultants can help.

We begin by evaluating your home or construction plans to determine the best size of system based not just on the size of your home, but also its orientation to the sun, the number of windows, and its level of insulation. Other factors we must take into account include our New Prague climate, window location and type, air leakage, the number and age of home inhabitants and their comfort preferences, and the number of appliances in the home that give off heat.

By establishing these parameters, we can calculate the correct size of your comfort system. Too many times, contractors will leave out important elements, which can mean the installation of a heating or cooling system that is much too large and costly to operate.

Count on the system installers and furnace repair service New Prague Minnesota trusts to do the job you need for a price you can afford. Contact us for a free, no obligation, sizing calculation the installation cost estimate.