Furnace Galore

Heating and Cooling Consultants have been servicing the communities in the Southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities and outlying areas with excellence for years. Professionalism is how we run our business and educating our customers on their options is something we take great pride in. Our reputation is one we guard with honor and live up to on a daily basis.

Why Choose Us

We run our business based on professionalism and excellence.

Our staff are polite and helpful and will always be available to attend to your queries as quickly as possible.  Our staff are skilled and possess the knowledge that will help them help you in any situation.

We are known as the company who educates their customers in the options available to them so that they may make informed decisions regarding their purchases.

We are available to evaluate your system and ensure that it is in full working order and ready to service you when you need it most.

We are reliable and efficient in providing the best service to our customers all the time.

Everyone at Heating and Cooling Consultants works with and abides by high ethical and moral standards which ensure that our customers are always treated with respect, and honesty.

We realize the expense entailed in installing a new heating or cooling system and endeavor to make convenient comfort attainable to everyone, finance options are available to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Furnace Repair Services

Furnaces have progressed over the years. The evolution of these systems has allowed customers an opportunity to upgrade to a furnace which efficiently renders the system more cost-effective in its use of power or gas.

Our competent staff make it easy to decide which furnace is suitable to efficiently cater for your household requirements. Making the correct selection is paramount as this is the furnace that will power your system for at least the next 20 years.

Our advisors are available to visit your home and do an evaluation of the area to be covered and the layout of the area in order to supply you with the options that are suitable for your needs.

Heating and Cooling Consultants offer the finest Furnace repair services Prior Lake MN  and are the perfect example of service excellence. We realize the need to maintain and sometimes repair your furnace. There are often unfortunate instances which render the furnace inefficient or not running at all. Our repair team have the knowledge and skill to quickly evaluate and finalize what the problem is and carry out the necessary repairs so that your heating is restored to perfect condition before the next bout of cold weather hits.

Of course repairs are not always the viable option and often it is more cost-effective, in the long run to replace the unit. Our consultants are honest and transparent and will inform you if your repairs are wasting you money and offer a solution that is will prove more cost-efficient.

Call Heating and Cooling Consultants and experience service from the furnace fundis. (952)461-5100