Fabulous Furnace Solutions

Heating and Cooling Consultants are the professionals who have been providing exceptional service to the communities in the Southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities and outlying areas.

Why Choose Us

Our business is our life.  Our customers are the driving force behind everything that we do. Our decisions are made in order to provide the best service possible to our customers and the community.

We employ our staff after a rigorous evaluation to ensure that they live up to the ethics and morals for which we stand. A polite disposition and a  helpful nature is what we expect from all our staff members and a willingness to provide great service is a deciding factor.

Our technicians are skilled and trained in their chosen field and have the knowledge and experience to take on any situation and complete the task using their skills, knowledge and willingness to take on challenges.

We are a reliable company who strives to ensure that our customers are taken care of quickly and on time. We are punctual and never keep our customers waiting, time is valuable and we won’t waste yours.

Our affordable prices and convenient payment options ensure that our customers can have the system they want today and will not be put into financial strife. A convenient monthly installment and the dream is yours.

Furnace Repair Services

Times have changes and evolved and furnaces are no different. Progression and development have allowed customers to opportunity to change to a furnace that allows your system to run more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Power or gas usage will be reduced to ensure that your utility bill decreases with the installation of your new and more efficient furnace.

Our technicians will come out and evaluate your system, your home and the layout so that they may better be equipped to provide you with options that are suitable for  your application and still keep your home comfortably heated.

Furnace repair services New Prague MN are carried out by trained professionals who are completely capable of performing the duties they set out to complete. Maintaining your furnace is just as important as maintaining the rest of your heating system. The furnace is the heart of the heating system and if that is not working efficiently, your home will not be efficiently heated. Maintenance is sometimes not enough to prevent the unfortunate instance of damages where repairs are required. If a furnace is irrepairable or not worth repairing, we’ll tell you. Honesty and integrity are part of our ethical code. We will not allow you to spend money needlessly when the repair won’t last. We will offer you an alternative solution and a price for replacing the unit.

Call Heating and Cooling Consultants and experience honesty and integrity at its best.  (952)461-5100