Mini Splits

A lot of people prefer centralized air conditioning systems for cooling as they make operation simple. However, they do require extensive Ductwork in order to function. If you are moving to a new house that does not already have forced air ducts, then installation can be quite difficult to do. A good alternative is to install mini split heat pumps instead. It provides centralized cooling as well minus the costly Ductwork.

Mini Splits are Easy to Install

In traditional systems, cold air is distributed from one location to the rest of the house via a network of ducts. In a mini-split setup, the refrigerant itself is piped directly to the smaller coils and air handlers distributed around the structure. Refrigerant requires less space compared to air so the piping network is a lot easier to install. Multiple rooms can be served using this configuration.

Mini Splits Provide Incredible Flexibility

This system combines the simplicity of centralized air conditioning with the flexibility of individual room A/C units. There remains a single outdoor unit composed of a large condenser and compressor. However, the indoor unit has been splintered into several smaller units with one in every zone or room or the house depending on the owner’s preference. Each of these can have their own setting allowing for a greater degree of control over environmental conditions.

Mini Splits have Minimal Distribution Loss

Another problem with conventional setups is that they tend to suffer from high distribution loss. Thermal energy is dispersed while air is traveling through the ducts such that about 30% loss is registered. With this alternative, only about one to five percent loss is measured. If you wish to install a mini-split heat pump in your home, consider the services of Heating and Cooling Consultants for excellent results and reasonable costs.

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