Choosing the Right Furnace Repair Service in Lonsdale MN

When winter sets in, it’s time to make sure your furnace is working effectively and efficiently. You can carry out a few simple maintenance tasks on your own but consider hiring a professional to help out with the more technical stuff such as when your furnace is malfunctioning or completely breaks down. When searching for a reliable furnace repair service Lonsdale MN residents often have a hard time identifying a reliable service provider they can trust. A few simple tips should help you make the right choice.


Ask the company how long they have been providing furnace repair services. You want to hire a company that specializes in furnace repairs and is also experienced with the particular type of heater you want to be repaired. If you have a gas furnace, it only makes sense to choose a company that is proficient with gas furnaces. Don’t shy away from asking about the experience of staff members who will be working on your unit.

Track Record

A good track record is often an indication that the company you’re considering is likely to provide high-quality products and services. While large companies are likely to have excellent track records, sometimes, the best furnace repair company is a small business near you. Local businesses understand residential needs, provide fair prices and are likely to have a better understanding of the weather in your area.

Heating and Cooling Consultants LLC is a locally owned company with a great deal of HVAC experience. We have built a reputation for providing light commercial work and residential services. Our team of experts is ready to provide solutions and help customers make informed decisions regarding furnace installation, repair, replacement and maintenance. We regard each opportunity to work with you as a privilege and take necessary measures to provide personalized services to meet unique client needs and preferences.