Furnace Repair Service in Lonsdale MN

Come winter and like many homeowners you too would want to turn on your furnace. However, as your machine has been idle all through the summers, it is good to get it checked to ensure that it is ready to heat up your home properly. There are some warning signs that may show up in your furnace, which would indicate that it is time for a maintenance service.

Strange sounds – While no furnace operates totally silently, it is not normal if the unit gives out odd noises. If you hear banging and other sounds, clearly it is time to call a professional.

Thermostat issues – If you turn on the furnace, but it does not heat the room, it is a big sign that there is some serious fault with the machine.

High energy bills – If on comparison you find that your previous gas or electric bill amounts were less than the present one, it is again a sign of a poor performing furnace. There can be many issues with the machine and it is always good that you consult with technicians so that they are able to diagnose the exact issue and repair the system on time.

Yellow flame – Check your furnace and if you notice a yellow flame, it can indicate gas leakage. This is not a good sign. A blue flame is normal, but a yellow flame can indicate serious issues.

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