Central Air Conditioners in Southwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities and the Surrounding Areas

A central air conditioner, as the name implies, provides conditioned air throughout your entire home. Typically in Minnesota, your system is composed of three main components. The condenser
is situated outside and within this unit is the heart of the air conditioning system, the refrigerant compressor. The other half of the air conditioner is the evaporator coil that is situated at the air discharge side of your furnace. The third component is the delivery of the conditioned air. This is normally performed by your furnace through the existing centralized Ductwork system.

Central Air Conditioners in Webster, MN

Air Conditioner Replacement Options

There are a couple subjects you should be aware of when evaluating your air conditioner replacement options. During the early 2000’s, the government mandated that the air conditioner efficiency be a minimum of 13 SEER on new products. In addition, the refrigerant used in the manufacturing of new systems was changed to an environmentally friendly product called R410a. If your unit is approaching 15 years or more of age and in need of a significant air conditioner repair, it is probably time for a new one.

Efficient Air Conditioner

Have questions on an efficient air conditioner and how you can realize a reduction in your utility costs, plus enhance your indoor air quality? Call Heating and Cooling Consultants and speak to one of our experienced professionals. Normally, a few questions answered by you allows our staff to easily identify what product will best fit your lifestyle habits and requirements.

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