Air Conditioning Repair Prior Lake MN

Air Conditioning Repair Prior Lake MN

Most air conditioners will have a warranty that extends for a whole decade. This is impressive considering that most other appliances get only one year of warranty from their manufacturers. It shows just how reliable their machines can be. However, it does not mean that they are completely trouble-free for this entire duration. Regular maintenance is required to ensure that the units continue to operate smoothly. If there are any problems despite this, then call an air conditioning repair Prior Lake MN specialist such as Heating and Cooling Consultants, LLC,

Loud Noise

One of the most common complaints about AC’s is that they sometime emit loud noise. Now it is not unusual for these to generate sounds since there are moving parts and air is constantly being circulated. Loud noise, however, is not supposed to be there. It is usually a symptom of a deeper problem in the cooling system. It also prevents homeowners from getting a good sleep at night. Have technicians come over to check what might be causing it.

Inadequate Cooling

AC’s may also provide inadequate cooling for the space. If this has been happening from the beginning, then the issue might be mismatched system capacity due to improper selection. If this issue emerged later on, then perhaps the trouble comes from a faulty thermostat that cannot sense temperature correctly. Perhaps the sensors or the programming is to blame. Whichever the case, the technicians will find out and fix things.

Rising Consumption

Lastly, homeowners also complain to a drastic rise in energy consumption. This could be due to holes around the ducts which cause cold air to dissipate. Perhaps the refrigerant is running low because of leaks. The air filters may need cleaning or a full replacement. The coils may benefit from a good scrub if they haven’t been cleaned in a while.