Air Conditioning Installation Lonsdale MN

The Complete Air Conditioning Installation Lonsdale MN Process

We start the air conditioning installation process by first consulting you. The whole process ends after the air conditioning system has been installed with complete quality control. You will feel confident of operating the system on your own. We keep you informed throughout the process. Our AC experts will answer all your questions. We provide complete after sales support services for air conditioning installation Lonsdale MN.

We will start the process by designing your AC system. The purpose is to make the appliance fit into your budget and lifestyle. The appliance must deliver its peak performance after installation. In case of a new home, we first consult the architect and builder. We discussed everything to make sure your AC system is integrated into your home without any issue. In an existing property, we visit your home and consult you to find your air conditioning requirements. We will provide our own suggestions. Once we know what type of air conditioning system is needed, we will provide a detailed plan including drawings.

Once the plan is finalized, we are ready to start the hard work of air conditioning system installation. In case of a new home, we start during the prelay phase. It is almost 70 percent of the total AC installation process. It starts during the roof building process. Our technicians will install the ducting, fan coil, wiring and refrigerant piping. After the ceiling has been painted, we install return air grilles and wall diffusers. The condenser is installed after the paving is over. Power controls are installed after the switchboard is connected to the power supply.

In case of established property, our technicians have to complete the duct work, electrical work and refrigeration. All works are supervised by expert AC installation professionals. We handover the AC system after the site supervisor has performed all tests and quality checks. Now just enjoy the cool and comfortable environment in your home. Call Heating and Cooling Consultants, LLC, on (952) 461-5100 to initiate the air conditioning installation Lonsdale MN process now.