Make a summer to remember with these fun family activities

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Set your summer off to a great start with these ideas that will get the family enjoying the warmer weather and making the most of what Minnesota has to offer.

  • Plan a bowling night. This is a fun way to teach the kids a little math along with the technical skills of rolling the ball down the lane while playing. Have the kids invite a friend each for a few fun rounds of family bowling. Start the night with nachos at home to save money on snacks at the bowling alley. Remember to have everyone bring socks to wear. If your children are young, ask the bowling alley cashier to let them try bumper bowling.
  • Use the sprinklers to cool off. On a hot day, get the kids jumping through the sprinkler in their swimsuits while you water the lawn. This is a fun and free activity that gets kids active. Kids could also have a squirt gun or water balloon fight. Remember to put on sunscreen an hour before going outside to make sure it’s fully dried.
  • Have a sundae and movie night at home. Start by customizable sundaes with the kids. Take them to the supermarket to pick out their favorite toppings. Fresh seasonal berries, chocolate sprinkles, hot fudge, and crushed cookies are all good choices. Simple flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream work best for these kinds of treats. Line up a row of small bowls with the toppings inside along with small spoons so everyone can help themselves. Help younger children make their sundae’s to avoid losing all the cookies to the floor. Play the movie in the living room where everyone can cozy up on the couch to watch.
  • Take a drive to Minneapolis. Visit the Mall of America to stay cool in the air conditioning, you can easily rack up a few miles of walking just from exploring the mall. If the kids need some new clothes for summer, take advantage of the options that abound here. The basement aquarium and special exhibit are also good family activities. The kids will also enjoy the amusement park area on the first floor that includes a log water ride.
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